Magazine Launches

Posted on June 21, 1999

EMS Productions, Inc. announced the creation and launch of its new website, an online magazine designed primarily for adults over 40. " is committed to bringing our audience information that adds value to their busy and active lifestyles; articles about health, money, family, leisure, and more," said Eileen Sullivan, company president.

" is divided into five main sections for our readers," said Mrs. Sullivan. "Our "Family" section presents our readers with some of life's everyday issues and how individuals learn to deal with these issues. Our writer's insight and approaches may provide help or incentive to achieve more satisfaction in everyday living. Our "Money" section gives information to assist you in planning and meeting your financial objectives. Articles written by experienced financial planners, investment counselors and others are included to give you information on financial techniques, strategies, and products. Over time this information will be valuable to you in developing your own plan. Our "Health" section brings you articles on all types of health-related issues - topics dedicated to keeping you informed, healthy and fit and understanding how people can stay healthy and independent, as they grow older. Our "Leisure" section is dedicated to bringing you information on travel, food and topics off the beaten track, and our "& More" section is always changing bringing you information on many topics. Don't miss our Greetings section," said Mrs. Sullivan, "Here you will find a poem, daily cartoon & horoscope. You can even send electronic cards, flowers and balloon bouquets!"