PogoPet Pet Website Launches

Posted on December 1, 1999

PogoPet Inc. announced today the launch of its Web-based pet care center. The PogoPet site offers information and interactive services for dog and cat owners.

"Our approach is driven by a genuine concern for the well being of companion animals," said Stacey Estrella, CEO and co-founder of PogoPet, "and that translates to a winning scenario for the industry, consumers and their pets."

"PogoPet helps people take better care of their pets," said Bruce Fogle, DVM, co-founder of PogoPet and author of several books on pet care. "The site is designed to support responsible pet care -- from health and nutrition to training and recreation -- in a fun and compelling way."

PogoPet members register their pets by providing information on age, breed and geographic location, which then drives the information and advice they receive throughout the life of their pets. Subject areas include feeding and nutrition, grooming, training and behavior, exercise and play, and health. PogoPet licenses its content from Dorling Kindersley, a publisher of pet care books. Under the three-year, exclusive licensing agreement, PogoPet will carry information from five Dorling Kindersley titles, including The ASPCA Complete Cat Care Manual, The ASPCA Complete Dog Care Manual, The ASPCA Complete Dog Training Manual, The Encyclopedia of the Cat, and The Encyclopedia of the Dog. The company believes its approach will help it develop long-term relationships with its subscribers. These relationships will ultimately drive the company's revenues from advertising and, eventually, e-commerce.