Performance Computing and Windows Systems Magazines Cease Publication

Posted on December 17, 1999

CMP Media Inc. has announced that it will cease publication of Performance Computing Magazine and Windows Systems Magazine (formerly known as Windows NT Systems). Both magazines were part of the former Miller Freeman technology portfolio recently integrated with CMP Media. The production run for each magazine concludes with the January 2000 edition.

"Looking across the CMP Media portfolio of properties, we knew we would best serve our customers by streamlining our business portfolio," said Regina Starr Ridley, president of CMP's Specialized Technologies Group. "The decision was difficult to make, given the dedication of Windows Systems' and Performance Computing's staffs to the publications and their histories with the company," said Ridley. "However, we are confident that our readers' information needs and our advertisers' need to effectively reach the most technically knowledgeable buyers of high-level IT products can be best met by other CMP products such as InformationWeek, Intelligent Enterprise, Sys Admin, Dr. Dobb's Journal, and Network Magazine."

Performance Computing, formerly UNIX Review, was started in 1983. Miller Freeman bought the publication in 1985 and for many years it was one of the company's largest and most successful publications. Windows Systems, launched in 1997, focused on systems management and administration.

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