PC Computing Announces New Editorial Focus

Posted on August 11, 1999

PC Computing, a Ziff-Davis monthly computer publication with a paid circulation of more than 1 million readers, has announced the December debut of the new PC Computing as a "new breed of business magazine." Effective with its December 1999 issue, PC Computing's editorial content and graphic look will change dramatically, reflecting the new direction and focus of the publication. The new PC Computing will no longer be a traditional PC publication, but a business magazine about technology.

PC Computing Editor in Chief Paul Somerson is directing the ramping up of the magazine's editorial emphasis on business technology. Somerson has expanded the editorial staff to deliver the new edit, and the magazine has also opened a New York editorial bureau. Susan Casey, former creative director of Outside magazine, has served as a special consultant to the publication on its graphic redesign. Dave Allen, former Art Director of Outside, has been named PC Computing's new Art Director.

"Traditional PC publications no longer meet all the needs of mainstream business people. Business people care less about what the product 'is,' they care what it 'does,' and how it can help them do business better," says Somerson. "We made significant editorial changes in this direction over the past year -- to deliver technology solutions for business leaders -- and our readers loved our new problem/solution focus. And they tell us they want more."