PBS Online's TeacherSource Search Powered by MediaSeek

Posted on April 30, 1999

PBS TeacherSource, PBS Online's neighborhood for preK-12 educators, is the first website to correlate its classroom activities to 46 sets of national and state curriculum standards, thanks to the patented technology of MediaSeek(R) Technologies Inc.

To locate a specific resource among PBS TeacherSource's extensive inventory of more than 1,200 lesson plans, teachers simply identify a grade level and topic and are presented with a suggested list of relevant lesson plans and activities, many of which are designed for use with educator-preferred classroom television programs from PBS such as The American Experience, Nova, Nature and Scientific American Frontiers.

Working from their refined list, teachers can then choose the most appropriate resources for their needs and immediately correlate them to an ever-growing pool of widely used national and state curriculum standards. As PBS Online expands its resource inventory each week, it uses MediaSeek's correlation tool, Resource Correlator 2.0, to keep its service for teachers up to date.

"Teachers have long praised PBS and its member stations for providing the best television and Online resources for the classroom," said Cari Ladd, PBS director of Online education. "With MediaSeek's innovative search technology, teachers are now cheering even louder because they will be able to correlate these lesson plans to state and local education standards quickly and conveniently."