PBS Launches Website Exploring Wonders of the African World

Posted on October 27, 1999

PBS Online has launched Wonders of the African World With Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a companion website to the documentary airing on PBS. In the program, Harvard University professor Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. challenges the widespread Western view of Africa as the primitive "dark continent" civilized by white colonists. In six one-hour programs, Dr. Gates tells of proud lands filled with great civilizations, cities and centers of learning long before any Europeans set foot there.

The website will delve deeper into many themes covered in the series. General overviews of each geographical area Dr. Gates visits in the series will be provided as well as in-depth articles on African culture and history. Each African "Wonder" that Dr. Gates explores throughout the series is examined further in comprehensive articles and multimedia content.

The site will launch with special contributions from poet Nikki Giovanni; former governor of Virginia L. Douglas Wilder; Public Enemy's Chuck D; and syndicated columnist Barbara Reynolds. In addition, the site features lesson plans for grades K-12.

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