PBS Announces Rescue at Sea Website

Posted on February 15, 1999

For 90 years, Morse code was the language of hope for those in peril at sea. But in February 1999, Morse code was retired from use at sea in favor of a satellite-based mayday system. The American Experience Online Rescue at Sea explores the first use of wireless technology to save lives at sea.

The hero of the story is a 26-year-old wireless operator named Jack Binns, who, on January 23, 1909, bravely sent out distress signals after the ship on which he was traveling collided with another ship in dense fog off Nantucket Island, putting 1,500 lives in mortal danger. The Rescue at Sea website accompanies the broadcast of the one-hour documentary on The American Experience Monday, February 15 at 9pm on PBS (check local listings).

The American Experience Online produces a companion website for every new television broadcast of The American Experience, with information beyond the broadcast including program schedules, teacher's guides, audience feedback and links to related sites. The American Experience Online also produces WayBack: US History for Kids, a US history Webzine targeted to kids ages 9 to 13 first released in November 1998.

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