Online Version of Deadalus Integrated Writing Environment Announced

Posted on February 17, 1999

Addison Wesley Longman(AWL), The Daedalus Group and Headland Digital Media have formed an alliance to launch Daedalus Online, the next generation of the Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment (DIWE). Daedalus Online, a collaborative writing and composition environment, extends DIWE's features from a local area network to the Internet. Available to educators this fall, Daedalus Online can be purchased either as a stand-alone publication or integrated within online versions of handbooks such as The Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers and The Little, Brown Handbook.

"This alliance reinforces our leadership position in the distance learning market," said Jim Behnke, vice president, director of new media, Addison Wesley Longman. "We are proving that text- and web-based mediums can work together by integrating the ground breaking pedagogical work of Daedalus, the top-selling Longman texts, and Headland's technological expertise."

Using Daedalus Online, students can improve their composition skills by exploring online resources and learning to write in a collaborative, computer-mediated environment outside the classroom. Educators can take advantage of a comprehensive suite of online course management tools for managing an online class, dynamically linking assignments, and facilitating a heuristic approach for writing instruction.

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