Online Investor Magazine Unveils New Financial Search Engine

Posted on February 5, 1999

Online Investor Magazine has announced the launch of, a comprehensive financial search engine. serves as the Internet companion to the print magazine created specifically for wired investors. allows users to locate detailed information on the web as well as collect data in specific areas of interest that can't be found in one location. Using's MagnetSearch search engine, visitors can locate detailed information on thousands of stocks and mutual funds in more than a dozen categories from more than 50 online sources.

" allows web researchers to get a smart search of the financial world at any given time with the click of a button," explains Steve Harris, Online Investor publisher. "Using this special technology, investors can not only get a broad overview of the entire market, but also create reports on thousands of different stocks and funds with focused information that could take hours to locate manually.

" does the searching and delivers a targeted list of links representing up-to- the-minute information on whatever investments the user defines. Our site eliminates the wasted time experienced when searching endlessly for pertinent information on other search engines designed to locate dated information on non-related subjects." also will feature articles, interviews and helpful reviews from the pages of Online Investor magazine. The site also allows readers to interact with editors and each other in a forum area as well as access to a variety of stock and mutual fund tracking tools.