OASIS Brings Daily Content to XML.com

Posted on March 16, 1999

OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, announced that it will provide XML.com, a Web resource for XML professionals, with content in the form of daily XML-related news.

OASIS will supply the popular "What's New" page from the OASIS/Robin Cover SGML/XML Web Page for re-publishing on XML.com. As a result of the new agreement between the two organizations, OASIS will become a content provider for XML.com.

"Part of the OASIS charter is to serve as a resource to the marketplace by providing reliable, objective information about structured information standards, including XML," explained Bill Smith (Sun Microsystems), vice president of the OASIS board of directors. "OASIS' sponsorship of XML.com will make our XML information accessible to an ever wider audience."

"Robin Cover closely tracks the daily developments that impact the XML community, and I'm happy that our partnership with OASIS makes this information readily available for XML developers coming to XML.com," said Dale Dougherty (O'Reilly/Songline Studios), producer of XML.com.

XML.com is a collaborative partnership between Seybold Publications and Songline Studios, an affiliate of O'Reilly & Associates. XML.com's mission is to help IT and publishing professionals learn about XML and how it is being applied to real-world problems in information management, publishing and electronic commerce.