O. Media Gives Teens A Voice Against Violence

Posted on September 22, 1999

O. Media, Inc. has announced that its teen website, CulturalCool.com, will be launching an essay contest for teens to address the issue of teenage violence. The contest titled "Keeping Your Cool: Teens Against Violence" will begin September 27, 1999.

Entrants will write a 750 to 1000 word essay discussing why they believe there has been such a recent dramatic rise in teenage violence, and what they believe can be done to prevent it. The entries will be separated into two different age brackets, 13 through 15 years old, and 16 through 19. In each age bracket, there will be one 1st place winners who will each be awarded a $1,500 scholarship, one 2nd place winners receiving a $750 scholarship, and one 3rd place winners receiving a $500 scholarship. All entries must be received by December 31, 1999. The winners will be announced on January 10, 1999 on CulturalCool.com and winning essays will be posted on the website.

Jayne Newell-Lanza, Chairperson of O. Media, Inc., stated, "Cultural Cool's goal is to be the leading website offering teenagers access to real life issues that are relevant to their lives, without talking down to them. Our goal is to educate, provide awareness, and entertain. Teenage violence is a major concern in the teenage community. Today's teens do not want to have to go to school in fear, and they should not be put in that position. With this contest, we are providing teenagers with a voice to tell the world their take on the situation, which is often more realistic than the perspective of the adults who are observing at a distance. We must listen to the opinions of those that are directly effected by the violence, the teens themselves, and then unite to find a solution."