NuvoMedia Adds Self-Publishing Features to Rocket eBook

Posted on April 12, 1999

NuvoMedia, Inc. has announced the introduction of two new features, the RocketWriter and to its Rocket eBook. With the addition of these free features, Rocket eBook owners can download original content, including Microsoft Word documents and webpages, to the Rocket eBook, as well as share their documents on a new eBook community-focused website. Martin F. Eberhard, co-founder and CEO of NuvoMedia, Inc., will demonstrate both RocketWriter and on Tuesday, April 13, at DemoMobile 99 in San Diego.

The new software feature lets users download and read personal and corporate documents on an electronic reader. With, NuvoMedia has also made it possible for all Rocket eBook users to have their works "published" and displayed on the Internet, where they can be shared with the growing community of Rocket eBook owners. Writers who do not own a Rocket eBook also may create RocketEditions and contribute them to the community website. Beginning April 14, the RocketWriter will be included free of charge in the RocketLibrarian.

"Rocket eBook owners, who share a passion for the printed word, can continue to enjoy their favorite published works electronically, while gaining the flexibility of reading and sharing the many types of documents that make up their personal and professional lives," commented NuvoMedia's Eberhard. "With the addition of the RocketWriter and, we've added features that provide a professional use, as well as a community base from which their written works and ideas can be exchanged."