NOVA Online Launches Mysteries of the Nile Website

Posted on March 3, 1999

Mysteries of the Nile provides sweeping views of the archaeological treasures strewn like gems of the gods along the Nile -- including the Sphinx, the Pyramids, the Karnak and Luxor temples, and the stone-cut tombs of the Valley of the Kings. The adventure also joins archaeologist Mark Lehner and an international crew as they attempt to move and raise a 35-ton obelisk using tools and technologies of the ancients. This adventure marks the team's second attempt to solve the engineering enigmas surrounding these 3,000-year-old monoliths.

The NOVA film Obelisk, part of the "Secrets of Lost Empires" series which aired in February 1997, documented an earlier attempt by this same crew as they managed to raise the obelisk about halfway. Will they succeed this time? NOVA/PBS Online will be there as the drama builds throughout the month of March.

NOVA Online provides a companion website for each week's NOVA broadcast, program schedules, teacher guides, audience feedback and links to related sites. In addition, NOVA Online joins with PBS Online to bring images and reports from live expeditions around the globe.

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