Nickelodeon Announces Launch of Nick Jr. Magazine

Posted on October 13, 1999

Nickelodeon has announced the launch of Nick Jr. Magazine. Building on the Nick Jr. preschool programming block, Nick Jr. Magazine is an interactive publication designed for both parents and kids. The tagline of the new magazine is "Where kids play to learn and parents learn to play."

Freddi Greenberg, previously Editor-in-Chief of both Child and American Health for Women, will lead the editorial vision of Nick Jr. Magazine as its Editor-in-Chief. In that role, she will focus on delivering editorial drawn from the Nick Jr. franchises as well as original material.

"Nick Jr. Magazine is translating to print the Nick Jr. sensibility of love, learning and humor," says Greenberg. "Our goal with Nick Jr. Magazine is to bring kids and parents closer together through the language of fun. If parents are kids' favorite toys, Nick Jr. is the instruction manual."

Nick Jr. Magazine will have an advisory board composed of critical thinkers in child development, learning, public policy and entertainment. Pat Schroeder, Matilda Raffa Cuomo, Meredith Vieira, Arthur Pober and Dr. Lorraine Hale are currently among the members. The Nick Jr. programming includes Blue's Clues, the most watched preschool show on TV, and Little Bill, Bill Cosby's new animated series. Nick Jr. Magazine will incorporate these Nick Jr. franchises alongside original editorial from prominent writers and illustrators.

In addition to the family-shared section, each issue includes a pull-out magazine for preschoolers, called "Nick Jr. Noodle." All articles will be coded with "Play to Learn Fundamentals," icons to help parents understand what skills, such as cognitive, physical, social, problem-solving and creative, their children will be learning while doing an activity in the magazine. The first issue will be distributed to preschools across the country and is also available at bookstores, newsstands and through subscription. The magazine will be published bi-monthly with a 500,000 rate base beginning February 2000.