Newsweek Announces New Asia Editor and Domestic Staff Changes

Posted on June 28, 1999

Hong Kong Bureau Chief Dorinda Elliott was named Newsweek International'S new Asia editor, Newsweek Editor Mark Whitaker and Newsweek International Editor Michael Elliott announced today.

Dorinda Elliott replaces Steven Strasser, who becomes national affairs editor in July. Elliott, who assumed the new post in June, has also served as bureau chief in Moscow and Beijing. Replacing her as Hong Kong bureau chief this fall will be Brook Larmer, who has served as Newsweek's Latin America regional editor since October 1997 and Miami bureau chief since December 1995. Previously, Larmer served as Newsweek's Buenos Aires bureau chief and a senior writer specializing in foreign affairs.

In addition, Whitaker and Michael Elliott announced several bureau and staff changes, effective this summer and fall:

-- Joe Contreras replaces Larmer as Miami bureau chief, and will report for both the domestic and international issues of the magazine. Most recently, Contreras served as Jerusalem bureau chief, and has held bureau chief posts in Johannesburg, Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

-- Daniel Klaidman, a Washington correspondent who covered the Justice beat, replaces Contreras as Jerusalem bureau chief. Klaidman had been part of Newsweek's Washington bureau since February 1996, where he regularly covered Clinton's legal woes. He was a member of the team that reported on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and he shared in a coveted National Magazine Award for that coverage.

-- Joshua Hammer, Newsweek's Los Angeles bureau chief since 1997, becomes Berlin bureau chief in the fall. Hammer has also reported for Newsweek as bureau chief in Buenos Aires and in Nairobi, where he was an integral part of the magazine's coverage of the Rwandan civil war. He joined Newsweek as a general editor for the business section in 1988.

-- National Correspondent Mark Miller, who in previous years served as Los Angeles bureau chief, returns to the post in late summer; he will also serve as West Coast editor, reporting on both entertainment and national stories.

-- Andrew Nagorski, Newsweek's Berlin bureau chief, returns to New York later in the year. During his three years in Berlin, Nagorski provided Newsweek with in-depth coverage on Germany's changing social climate. Nagorski has also served as the magazine's bureau chief in Moscow, Warsaw and Hong Kong.

-- Jeffrey Bartholet, who just completed a one-year fellowship at Berkeley, becomes a writer in the International section. In the past, Bartholet has served as bureau chief in Nairobi, Jerusalem and Tokyo.

-- Johannesburg Bureau Chief Marcus Mabry will spend the next year as the Edward R. Murrow fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

-- Replacing Mabry in South Africa will be Senior Writer Tom Masland, who becomes the new South Africa bureau chief and Africa regional editor for Newsweek INTERNATIONAL. Masland previously reported from South Africa as a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. Promotions

On the domestic side, Whitaker and Elliott announced the following:

-- General Editor Susan Greenberg was promoted to senior writer for Newsweek INTERNATIONAL. Most recently, Greenberg was instrumental in the development of the international version of the "Voices of the Century" series.

-- Allison Samuels was promoted from Los Angeles correspondent to national correspondent. Samuels, who covers sports and entertainment, remains in Los Angeles and will also cover stories throughout the country.

-- After a temporary posting in Silicon Valley, San Francisco Correspondent Brad Stone moves permanently to the San Francisco bureau, where he will focus on technology stories. Most recently, Stone has written about the Internet bookstore's entrance into new online markets.