New York Times Launches Beijing Olympics Blog

Posted on May 17, 2008

New York Times RingsThe New York Times has launched a blog for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing called Rings.
Rings is dedicated to the full range of topics surrounding the summer Games in Beijing, from the competition itself to the social, political and economic issues attached to them. Rings brings together analysis and perspectives from sports, foreign and business reporters at The New York Times and in its bureaus around the world.

"We expect the Rings blog, which draws on The Times's talent and resources across all departments, to become a must read for those interested in all aspects of the Beijing Games," said Sandy Keenan, deputy sports editor, The New York Times. "The blog will serve as an engaging platform for continuous sports and news coverage during the Games."

The Games in Beijing are already generating worldwide attention, and Times journalists have begun to post about issues such as the controversy surrounding the torch relay, the intricacies of the Olympic trials in the United States and discussions of Web censorship by China's government.
Much of the coverage of China recently has been devoted to the earthquake in China's Sichuan Province. The coverage of this catastrophe will continue even as the Olympics arrive in August. Other mainstream media outlets have also launched Beijing Olympics blogs including Countdown to Beijing (Reuters), Olympics 2008 (BBC) and Blogging Beijing (Seattle Times).