New Website Launched for Novice Web Page Developers

Posted on March 17, 1999

Project Cool, a resource for information on making websites, has launched, a site that provides information a new webmaker needs to create a website.

"Some people say that you need 'special' technical knowledge to create a website, but that's not true," says Project Cool CEO Teresa Martin. "Anyone can learn to make a website -- it sn't difficult and it's a lot of fun." features tutorials about website making, an interactive question and answer section, and a hands-on workbook with a series of lessons that walks the user through webmaking basics. It also has links to off-line resources and connections to a community of other web makers.

Adds Glenn Davis, Project Cool's Chief Technology Officer, "It's great to have a voice on the web. All you need is a place to start and that's what is all about. With a little knowledge and a little inspiration, you can make a website."

The market size for web site development is enormous. Noted Martin, "Project Cool was founded in January, 1996. According to Yahoo, at that time there were approximately 32,000 commercial sites on the web. By February, 1998, that number had grown to 328,000, an increase of over 1,000%. That's why we feel GettingStarted.Net is a wonderful complement to our web development portfolio."

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