New Web Directory Company Launches Third Site

Posted on May 5, 1999

Web startup, The Index Company, announced the May 1st launch of its third web directory site, the Internet Cooking Index. Designed to dramatically simplify a web surfer's access to the very best information on selected subjects, the Internet Cooking Index site features include a user-friendly interface and a categorized directory of links.

Randy Hoelscher, The Index Company CEO, stated, "The goal of our websites is to make web surfing fun again by eliminating the frustration of dealing with irrelevant links displayed by both search engines and many well known directories. If you want very obscure information, we may not have it, but if you want an easy way to locate the very best web content, sorted into clear categories, our sites are for you."

The Internet Pet Index and The Internet Wedding Index launched in April. Additional sites are being developed on other popular Internet topics.

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