NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw Goes Interactive

Posted on October 18, 1999

MSNBC.com has started daily production of interactive television for NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, it was announced by Merrill Brown, editor in chief of MSNBC.com. WebTV plus subscribers now have access to Nightly News combined with interactive tools.

"MSNBC.com has established itself as the leader in online news and interactive television programming. Interactive enhancement of NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw will combine the daily broadcasts with the interactivity of the World Wide Web," says Brown. "The enhanced version of Nightly News on WebTV includes a combination of editorial enhancements, community ventures, interactive tools and local personalization that brings the richness of the Internet to the Nightly News audience every night."

Daily programming will include interactive features for breaking news such as the MSNBC Live Vote (viewer polling), daily news chats and online feature reports. During broadcasts of national news stories, users will have access to local news and statistics in addition to links for examining top stories and consumer features. Clickable features for all NBC News programming will be available on the enhanced WebTV Plus service, as well as advertising included in the interactive programming.

"This product illustrates the future of Internet and television convergence," said John Nicol, general manager of MSNBC.com. "Interactive television components for NBC News will deliver content and services that create a more engaging, personalized experience, allowing viewers to interact with the broadcasts. The programming allows users to voice their opinions through online voting, chats, surveys and quizzes -- during the actual broadcasts."