National Lampoon Plans Fall Internet Launch

Posted on June 15, 1999

National Lampoon, the Los Angeles based subsidiary of J2 Communications, has announced that it will launch a website, ", The Humor Network" in early fall, 1999 with online and offline consumer promotions.

Describing the rationale behind, J2 President and CEO James P. Jimirro stated, "Our research tells us that we can develop a website which will be extremely profitable because of its appeal to advertisers pursuing our upscale, educated, young male demographic. Sales of National Lampoon merchandise will also be an extraordinary source of revenue."

Mr. Jimirro went on to say, " will be unique. That's why we're calling it a 'network' instead of a 'website.' We are creating it as an entertainment product with an enormous variety of targeted programming designed to create a large, loyal audience."

Editor-In-Chief Scott Rubin heads the team creating the site. He brings to National Lampoon a broad background in comedy writing. His material has appeared on The Tonight Show, Late Night With David Letterman, The Howie Mandell Show, and many other programs. In addition, Mr. Rubin wrote extensively for Gary Shandling, working with him to develop new standup routines. Other credits include Comedy Consultant on Columbia Pictures, feature Punchline, starring Tom Hanks. He also wrote and co-produced on CBS's Midnight Hour comedy/variety show.