MultiMedia Healthcare/Freedom Launches MD net Guide

Posted on October 22, 1999

MultiMedia Healthcare/Freedom, a medical publisher, has announced the launch of MD net guide, a new media guide to the Internet developed solely for physicians. Consisting of a bimonthly print journal, a website and a biweekly email newsletter, MD net guide provides information to physicians on how to streamline their Internet searches and keep up with the expanding world of medical information, research and resources available online.

``Research has shown that a majority of physicians currently using the Internet feel overwhelmed by the Internet,'' said Chris Higgins, president of MD net guide. ``MD net guide was developed to help streamline physicians' online experience, to more effectively search for clinical and practice management materials. MD net guide helps physicians locate the best of what's on the Net, both medical and personal.''

Specifically, MD net guide provides information on the content of various sites, by category, and provides articles on issues related to the Internet and health care. The sites are selected by an editorial board consisting of pioneers in medicine and technology. In addition, MD net guide offers listings of upcoming live Internet events, listings and descriptions of sites that maintain audio and video archives of past live events and websites to which physicians can direct their patients. It also provides select financial and leisure sites.

``By integrating all of this information in both electronic and print media, MD net guide provides physicians with easy-to-understand tools to using the Internet. The journal guides them to our site, where they are able to quickly and easily access a wealth of information they can use in their everyday practice,'' Higgins explained.

The new print publication will be sent to a controlled circulation of over 127,000 primary care physicians, including GPs, FPs, IMs, DOs and cardiologists. MultiMedia HealthCare/Freedom, located in Plainsboro, NJ, is a medical publishing, marketing and communications firm.