MSM Using Katrina to Get Foothold in Blogosphere

Posted on September 12, 2005

The mainstream media, including organizations like CNN, ABC News, CBS News, MSNBC and USA Today have all launched blogs to cover Katrina's deadly impact. Many of the blogs are getting linked to and covered by bloggers.

  • launched the Katrina blog on September 2nd and continues to publish frequent entries. The blog appears to very active with lots of comments. Some posts have received hundreds of responses. has about a dozen other blogs as well on other subjects.
  • NBC has been covering the storm with The Daily Nightly. The blog has included regular commentary from anchor Brian Williams.
  • ABC News has a Reporter's Blog that includes comments from top anchors like Diane Sawyer.
  • CNN has the Scene Blog. They also had a blog from anchor Miles O'Brien.
  • CBS News has the Katrina Disaster Blog.
  • Yahoo featured blogs on its homepage and recently launched a blog of their own called the Katrina Relief Blog.
  • USA Today had a Katrina blog.
  • The Houston Chronicle debuted the DomeBlog covering stories inside the Houston Astrodome. The Chronicle also has several other blogs.
  • The Sun-Sentinel has the Palm Beach Post has the Storm 2005 Blog. The Miami Herald had a blog back when the storm was approaching South Florida. These Florida newspaper always keep readers up-to-date on hurricane news for obvious reasons. Blogs are great way to keep readers updated on a constantly changing subject such as a possibly incoming hurricane.
  • The Times-Picayune has a Breaking News Blog.
  • The Sun Herald launched the Eyes on Katrina blog and has the Storm Central blog.
  • NPR has a Katrina Blog.

    We have removed the links to the blogs because many of the blogs are no longer active and many are not even archived. For some of these news organizations the blogs were their very first blogs. Because of Katrina many people probably read blogs for the first time and it may have been an MSM blog they were reading. In addition to these blogs from large media organizations there were lots of very good blogs from local news providers.