Changes Name To

Posted on May 17, 1999, Inc. has announced that it is changing its name to, Inc. The name change reflects the company’s evolution from being primarily a portal into a network of destinations that combine original content, search and community at more than 650 topic-specific sites within 18 channels. The service and brand change takes effect today. The company’s new ticker symbol, (Nasdaq: BOUT), will take effect May 20.

The name change and branding of the network unlocks the potential value of each of the 18 vertical channels at and creates a larger platform upon which it can grow. The channels draw content from the Internet’s largest producer of original content, the more than 650 Guides. The Guides at offer more than 400,000 handpicked links and each week the Guides create hundreds of new articles and newsletters and host hundreds of chats. provides a branded network of 18 channels and more than 650 topic-specific sites led by expert human Guides. Each GuideSite provides a comprehensive experience on a particular area of interest and includes a filtered directory, original content, as well as community features that include chat, discussion forums, newsletters and event calendars.

The Guides at are experts in their subject areas and are responsible. They are independent contractors and are compensated based on their performance and traffic. Guides must successfully complete a 16-week training program and fewer than 25% of those who apply to become Guides make it through the process. There are currently Guides living in 45 states and 18 countries worldwide.