Miller Freeman Expands into Television, Appoints Chapnick Executive Producer

Posted on March 4, 1999

Miller Freeman, Inc. has announced its expansion into a new medium with the launch of a major television initiative, called MFI TV. Philip Chapnick, a 12-year veteran of Miller Freeman, has been appointed to the newly created position of Executive Producer with responsibility for leading the company's charge into the television industry.

"With leading positions and key magazines and trade shows in a wide variety of markets ranging from jewelry to high tech, Miller Freeman has an incredible wealth of content ripe for repurposing into television," said Chapnick.

Chapnick's initial responsibility is to assess the entire Miller Freeman portfolio in terms of its potential for extension across the spectrum of TV in its broadest definition, from broadcast and cable series to specialized videotapes for specific industry segments. As Executive Producer, he will then oversee the creation of those shows which meet MFI TV's criteria for development.

"The MFI TV initiative builds on the radical change taking place in television today," Chapnick continued. "New channels and digital multicasting have widened the opportunities for specifically targeted information products in television. Our goal is to become a premier supplier of specialized content for TV in the new millennium."

Several projects are already underway, including programs in the home design, jewelry, and high technology areas. "Within weeks of starting our feasibility study, we identified 30 projects and saw the potential for hundreds more. With over 400 Miller Freeman properties worldwide, we've barely scratched the surface of our company-wide content," added Chapnick.