Mike Myers and DreamWorks Form Unique Filmmaking Pact

Posted on February 22, 2003

Following their collaboration on Shrek and Cat In The Hat, Mike Myers has partnered with DreamWorks Pictures in a unique feature film production deal. The deal will include several projects in which the studio will acquire the rights to existing motion picture hits and classics, write new storylines and -- with the use of digital technology -- insert Myers and other actors into the film, thereby creating an entirely new piece of entertainment. Myers and DreamWorks have dubbed the new form of filmmaking "Film Sampling," due to its similarity to music sampling in which an existing hit song is reworked by a new artist with new lyrics to find new success.

While, on a smaller scale, there have been early versions of film sampling seen within films, television and commercials, today's digital technology allows Myers to take it to the next level and create new and entirely original feature length films. Myers will be teaming with the likes of DreamWorks principals Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, as well as his Austin Powers director Jay Roach. Discussions are underway with Mike's longtime friends Dave Foley and Jay Kogen.

In announcing the new venture with DreamWorks, Myers stated, "Film Sampling is an exciting way to put an original spin on existing films and allow audiences to see old movies in a new light. Rap artists have been doing this for years with music and now we are able to take that same concept and apply it to film. Think of me as the Puff Daddy of film or 'M. Diddy' or 'M & M' or just 'M, or maybe when you sample movies you don't need a special name? Anyway, I can't think of anyone I would rather collaborate with than Steven, Jeffrey and their entire DreamWorks team."

Steven Spielberg added, "Mike Myers' talent is obvious, and -- as audiences worldwide know from Saturday Night Live to his Austin Powers films -- as an innovator, he is virtually unparalleled. If anyone can create a way to bring old films to new audiences, it is Mike."