Michael Crichton Founds Computer Game Publishing Company

Posted on April 16, 1999

Michael Crichton, best-selling author and director, has announced the formation of Timeline Studios, whose goal is to develop and distribute the next generation in computer gaming software. This will be accomplished by combining Crichton's creative talents with new and cutting-edge technology -- called OpenSpace 3D -- developed by Virtus Corporation, Cary, N.C. The results of this venture will be the creation of a new line of immersive 3D computer games. The software titles, scheduled for release next year, will be distributed via CD-ROM and DVD.

``As a computer gamer for the past 20 years, I've noticed a lot of 3D games have featured large environments -- big worlds, a few monsters, some puzzles -- but limited interaction,'' Crichton said. ``Timeline is going to change this standard through fast-paced gameplay in a tight, complex and highly interactive world.''

``One of the keys to achieving our goal of developing next generation computer games is the OpenSpace 3D architecture from Virtus Corporation,'' Crichton added. ``OpenSpace 3D is a powerful development tool that allows us to make games with dozens of characters and hundreds of objects with which a player can interact.''

Timeline Studios will be based in Cary, N.C. Timeline will distribute its products through a combination of partnerships and distributor relationships. Timeline Studios expects to release its first entertainment products during the first half of 2000.