MEDInfoSource Website to Provide Medical Information

Posted on March 5, 1999

Practical medical information for physicians, other health professionals and consumers is now available on MEDInfoSource, a new website from CME, Inc. and Continuing Medical Education Associates, Inc. Modeled after CME, Inc.'s award-winning Mental Health InfoSource, the new site promises a wide variety of resources, links, opportunities and educational products.

The site will offer full-text articles from the CME, Inc. primary care periodical Medicine & Behavior. This includes articles that physicians and other professionals may use to earn continuing education credit. Another new feature, "Ask the Medical Experts," gives visitors the chance to submit medical questions by e-mail to physicians Ted Ganiats, M.D. and Bennett J. Shiller, M.D., who will post answers online each week. Other features offered at the new site include medical information for consumers, mailing lists on major primary care topics and links to other organizations.

"MEDInfoSource is designed to be a single, centralized resource for primary care medical information," said John L. Schwartz, M.D., the founder and CEO of CME, Inc. "With the rapid pace of change in the field, we believe it will provide a location where both clinicians and consumers can learn, get help, and stay tuned. We're pleased to be able to offer this service to the public."

CME, Inc., founded in 1978, is the leading independent provider of clinical information and continuing medical education to physicians and allied health care professionals. The site merger is an outgrowth of its 1998 acquisition of CMEA, Inc., a leader in the field of continuing medical education for primary care providers.