Media News

WWE Video is Source of Donald Trump's Juvenile CNN Bodyslamming Video (July 2, 2017): A WWE video is the source of a video Donald Trump shared on Twitter where he bodyslams a CNN reporter.

Yahoo and AOL to Become Oath After Verizon Combines Iconic Web Brands (April 4, 2017): Verizon will combine Yahoo and AOL into a company called Oath following the Yahoo acquisition deal.

Donald Trump Blows a Kiss at FBI Director James Comey (January 23, 2017): Donald Trump blew a kiss to FBI Director James Comey during their first meeting at The White House. Find out more and watch Comey's reaction to the kiss in the video.

Donald Trump Tags Wrong Ivanka in Retweet of Random Twitter User (January 17, 2017): Donald Trump retweeted a tweet last night that links to the wrong Ivanka. SNL has poked fun at him for his habit of retweeting random Twitter users.

Donald Trump to Use Personal Twitter Account as President (January 16, 2017): Donald Trump will keep his Twitter account as President and will not switch to the Twitter account designated for POTUS

Yahoo's Remaining Assets to be Named Altaba After Verizon Purchase (January 9, 2017): The remaining Yahoo assets will be named Altaba Inc following the Verizon acquisition.

Meryl Streep Blasts Donald Trump and Supports Journalists at 2017 Golden Globes (January 8, 2017): Meryl Streep blasted Donald Trump at the 2017 Golden Globes. She also supported journalists to stand up to power.

Trump Blocked Twitter CEO from Tech Meeting Over Crooked Hillary Emoji (December 14, 2016): Donald Trump and his team reportedly blocked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey from its tech meeting in Trump Tower over a failed emoji deal.

Microsoft and LinkedIn Close Merger Agreement and Reveal Joint Plans (December 12, 2016): Microsoft and LinkedIn close the merger agreement and have revealed their joint plans going forward.

Univision to Buy Gawker Media for $135 Million (August 16, 2016): Gawker is being sold to Univision for $135 million. Univision outbid Ziff Davis for the blog network.

Time Magazine Runs Trump Meltdown Cover (August 12, 2016): Time magazine has a cover illustrating a Donald Trump meltdown.

Mobile Mogul Kim Kardashian Talks Feminism at BlogHer Conference (August 6, 2016): Mobile mogul Kim Kardashian talked about feminism at the BlogHer conference in Los Angeles.

Verizon on Verge of Acquiring Yahoo (July 22, 2016): Verizon appears to be on the verge of acquiring Yahoo. The deal could be announced next week.

Tribune Publishing Changes Name to Tronc (June 2, 2016): Tribune Publishing changes its name to Tronc. The ticker symbol will also change to TRNC

Scripps Buys Cracked for $39 Million (May 17, 2016): Scripps has acquired the humor brand Cracks. Cracked runs a website, apps and a podcast and creates original video.

PicsArt App Raises $20 Million in Funding (April 20, 2016): The PicsArt app has raised $20 million in funding to target growth in China and Japan.

Verizon and Hearst Enter Agreement to Acquire Complex (April 18, 2016): Verizon and Hearst have announced a joint agreement to acquire Complex in a 50/50 ownership structure. Rich Antoniello will remain CEO.

BuzzFeed Cuts 2016 Revenue Projections After Missing 2015 Target (April 12, 2016): BuzzFeed reportedly lowers its 2016 revenue projections by 50% after missing its 2015 revenue target.

Pacific Magazines Shutters Famous Magazine and Launches FamousLive (April 11, 2016): Pacific Magazines has closed the Famous print magazine and launched a digital ceelbrity site called FamousLive.

Mashable Announces Layoffs, Scraps World News and Politics Coverage (April 7, 2016): Mashable has announced layoffs. Most of the layoffs are editorial jobs covering general news and politics.

This Old House Brand Acquired From Time by Eric Thorkilsen and TZP (April 4, 2016): This Old House has been acquired from Time INc. by Eric Thorkilsen and the TZP Group, a private equity fund.

Time Inc. Launches Women's Site Called Motto (March 23, 2016): Time Inc. has launched a site called Motto. The new site is targeted at millennial women.

Instagram Announces Move to Algorithmic Feeds (March 15, 2016): Instagram has announced a move to an algorithmic feed. This is similar to what Facebook does with its feed.

Fandango Acquires Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes (March 10, 2016): Fandango announced it has signed an agreement to acquire both Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes includes the popular Tomatometer ratings.

SNL Cold Open: Jason Sudeikis Returns as Mitt Romney (March 6, 2016): Jason Sudeikis returns as Mitt Romney in hilarious SNL Cold Open. Mittens has a strong message for Donald Trump.