Partners with CompuServe

Posted on February 11, 1999 has announced that it has partnered with CompuServe, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. to create the Financial News Center. This co-branded site will give CompuServe users access to's analysis of global markets, including news stories, stock information, polls, and feature stories. Users can access the service through the CompuServe's Personal Finance Channel and directly from CompuServe's Main Menu.

Larry Kramer, President and CEO of, said, "From day one, our mission has been to provide the best market analysis on the Internet. In today's economy, investors need to know what's happening as it happens, not the next day or the following week. Our partnership with CompuServe is a testament not only to the quality of our journalism, but that the service is becoming the standard for business news on the Internet."

"Through our partnership with, CompuServe's members now have immediate access to important business and financial information when they want it," said Audrey Weil, CompuServe's Chief Operating Officer. "We continue to partner with the best interactive brands to make CompuServe the best Internet solution for busy adults."

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