Marketing Veterans Launch MarketingNPV

Posted on December 5, 2003

A team of senior marketing executives have launched a new media group that will provide information about better marketing decision making through a magazine, online content, workshops, and a web-service library of downloadable decision tools. MarketingNPV, a 16-page, bimonthly magazine, and, will deliver offer editorial, case histories, profiles and interviews about marketing decision making. Initial distribution will be to a controlled target list of approximately 3000 readers.

MarketingNPV is founded by Pat LaPointe, an entrepreneur and former Senior Vice President at Frequency Marketing Inc. He is teaming up with Hilleary Hoskinson, a 20-year marketing veteran who has held the top marketing positions at eHealth Insurance and Excite@Home. He also served as Chief of Consumer Marketing at U.S. News and World Report and was the first General Manager of Fast Company magazine.

"Marketing is being held to higher standards of accountability than ever before," said LaPointe. "Most Chief Marketing Officers will agree that improving marketing effectiveness is a top priority. Yet what's missing from most departments today are efficient, reliable processes for decision-making and measurement. Simple things that most marketing managers can learn quickly and apply immediately to deliver more return on marketing."

The premier issue of MarketingNPV focuses on managing marketing risks and provides a five step process to identifying and eliminating unnecessary risk from marketing decisions. There are also interviews with Doug Rose, Vice President, Merchandising Brand Development with QVC, and with Glenn Koller, Senior Advisor, Risk Assessment Center of Excellence, BP Amoco, and author of Risk Assessment and Decision Making in Business and Industry: a Practical Guide.

Other features include actual case histories and reviews of readily available resources like books and software. One of the more innovative sections of the magazine is titled "Tools and Techniques", which highlights easy-to-use measurement methods and analytical tools that plug into Microsoft Office applications and require no previous training in statistics or analytics.