Many Workers Job Hunt on Company Time

Posted on March 23, 2006

A new study has found that many people job hunt at work. This really isn't much of a surprise since people spend a lot of time at their jobs in front of a computer which can be a great tool for job seekers. The study found 1/4 of workers still use their office computer to job hunt even though they know web use is monitored by their employer. The study was conducted by the Hudson Highland Group.

Robert Morgan, chief operating officer at Hudson Talent Management, told Reuters, "It's one of the ways employees deal with work-life balance issues. Because we're spending so much time at work, that's the only time we have to schedule some of those appointments."

When workers think their managers are unaware of their web surfing then the number of workers using the office computer to find work climbs to 1/3.

Because a lot of employers do monitor Internet use it is probably wiser to make time at home for the bulk of your job seeking activities. However, sometimes people will want to reply urgently to a hot job prospect they discover in a RSS feed or on a job board.

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