Malaysian Minister Says Don't Trust Blogs

Posted on March 22, 2007

The AP is reporting that Malaysia's Information Minister is telling people not to trust blogs.
Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin said most websites were aimed at being provocative and were run by frustrated journalists and political pundits, the Star daily reported.

"Do not quote them because you are disgracing yourself as you are the authority. Do not give credit to such anarchist websites," Zainuddin was quoted as saying.

Malaysia's media is kept under tight control, while blogs have seen an increase in popularity as Malaysians take to cyberspace to discuss politics and social issues.

Blogs run by Malaysians in recent months have alleged corruption by government figures in writings that later sparked mainstream news reports.

"The information posted on the blog website may be something provocative, politically motivated, inaccurate and is mostly rumour floated for the interests of certain parties," Zainuddin was quoted as saying by the state Bernama news agency.
The article says Malaysia's press is tightly controlled. This leaves blogs as the primary source of independent political thought and criticism of the government. This criticism clearly makes Malaysia's government unhappy. Here in the U.S. the White House has had both good and bad things to say about blogs.

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