Lucire Celebrates with Extra, Global Fashion Coverage

Posted on October 8, 1999

Lucire, a global fashion magazine, celebrates its second anniversary with a special feature on New York Fashion Week. Special features, such as the New Zealand Four show at London Fashion Week, vacationing in Rome, the Triple Exposure exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and fashion shoots of designers Down Under, appear at the site during October.

"We wanted to do something special to celebrate our global nature," said Simone Knol, Lucire's London-based editor-in-chief. "Since our launch, we have devoted our pages to covering fashion regardless of its origin and its designers' marketing budgets. This month is no exception, with the emphasis on providing more content for our readers."

Special coverage of New York Fashion Week was overseen by Lucire correspondent and photographer, Richard Spiegel. With the aim of providing one of the web's most comprehensive features on the event, Spiegel attended over a dozen collections. The first stories are now online, with more to follow throughout October.

Knol covered the New Zealand Four show at London Fashion Week, featuring leading fashion designers from Down Under. Special features on fashion shopping and exhibitions from the London bureau will also appear in October. Lucire's Fiona Scott reports from Rome on dining, Aradhana Sinha reports on the New Delhi Garment Fair, while photographer Rebecca Thorpe reports on a menswear shoot and the Wellington Collection in New Zealand.