L.A. Times Syndicate Unveils New Line of TimesLink Web Products

Posted on February 18, 1999

The Los Angeles Times Syndicate will launch a new line of editorial products for websites this week at the Interactive Newspapers Conference in Atlanta.

The products, developed by the Syndicate's recently created New Media Division, include an interactive travel package, a golf course database, and online versions of the popular Sydney Omarr horoscope feature, the John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus) column and a syndicated version of the Surfing the Net With Kids website.

"These new offerings are just the beginning of our program to develop a wide variety of interactive products to help Web customers attract advertisers and users to their sites," said Steven Christensen, senior vice president of New Media. He said the syndicate has named the new product line "TimesLink."

Jeffrey Lin, the syndicate's managing director of New Business Development, said the sales effort for TimesLink products is not limited to newspaper online sites. "We want to attract new customers from the full spectrum of websites, portals, e-commerce companies, corporate and associate sites, and not just in the U.S., but worldwide," he said.

"We see tremendous opportunities in this exciting new market," Levine said. "And, as the premiere source of editorial content, we think the syndicate is perfectly suited to help websites build their own business and revenues."