Kinko's to Launch Magazine Geared to Small Business

Posted on October 13, 1999

Kinko's has announced that it has formed an alliance with Forbes Special Interest Publications to produce a quarterly magazine for its prime customers: small business owners and entrepreneurs. Titled Kinko's Impress, the new magazine is expected to debut January 2000.

According to Ellen Turner, Kinko's chief marketing officer, Kinko's Impress will provide a flexible forum for addressing issues important to small business for succeeding in a fast-changing business environment: "Kinko's and Forbes are two of the most recognized brands in business. With our collective knowledge, talent and creativity, we have an unmatched opportunity to provide fresh, focused and inspiring content that demonstrates how creativity and effective communication can be leveraged for success."

"Kinko's is the pioneer and market leader in the visual communications business, and we are delighted to be the publisher of their new magazine," said Dick Stockton, vice president and general manager of Forbes Special Interest Publications. "Large corporations have known for decades how important aesthetics are in the course of doing business. With the publication of Kinko's Impress, Kinko's prime small-business customer base will benefit from similar access to cutting-edge visual tools. Small business is an enormous market and one that we believe will be most receptive to our magazine."

Each issue will feature an eclectic mix of articles, including five features, 25 service-driven stories, side bars and call-out boxes, contained within six major sections, including one focused on Web education. A promotional section will also be included to drive traffic and trial of key products and applications at Kinko's branches. The publication will have an initial print run of 300,000. Copies will be available for sale at all Kinko's locations.