ISLIP Media Launches Video and Audio Search Engine

Posted on April 30, 1999

ISLIP Media, Inc., a developer and supplier of software, systems and services to create searchable, Web-based video and audio media sites, this week publicly launches, a website offering search, preview and purchase of Online video and audio content. is the only video website with searchable stock footage, news and information, and training and education content using the speech, language and images within the content itself and V-commerce(video E-commerce) ordering and billing. does not own video content, but is a clearinghouse offering added value for content providers. Content placed on is enhanced for Power Search using segmentation, speech, language, image and annotation processing, and becomes a direct revenue source for providers. is hosted on a high-capacity network provided by Lucent Technologies. The site also uses the RealNetworks G2 Player and is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

"Video cataloging and search technology will help users derive better use of video content and management of content overload, somewhat akin to how current day search engines help us sort out what is useful to us on the Web," said Sujata Ramnarayan, industry analyst, Gartner Group's Dataquest.

Unlike Web sites that provide a few fixed video clips or text-only summaries, on users can search through hundreds and thousands of hours of content and instantly receive video clips. For example, users search with keywords or use Power Search to select visual and content-based criteria, such as image, color, camera angle, category, reporter, date, description and location to immediately search with pinpoint accuracy. Users can quickly skim through ranked results and see free previews of storyboards, stream video clips to their desktop, place choices in a shopping basket, and purchase or store the content Online.