Internet Time Information Service WorldTime Launches Daylight Saving Time Section

Posted on April 1, 1999

Both your sleeping habits and the place you live determine what, if anything, you can gain or lose from DST. In time for the clocks springing forward in North America this Sunday, April 4, the free information service WorldTime has launched a special DST section today. It shows, for some 50 US and Canadian cities, the daylight hours available to early birds and late risers.

WorldTime is run by HAB Software, a small software producer based in Hamburg, Germany. It features an interactive world atlas showing the current day and night zones, time information for several hundred cities (local time, sunrise and sunset times), as well as a database of public holidays worldwide. Since it went online in December 1996, the service has gained popularity both as a planning tool for business people and as a resource for science teachers.

Hendrik Bramhoff, General Manager of HAB Software, says in a statement, "From user responses we know that DST is a subject that interests - and puzzles - many people. The new section will provide WorldTime users with information they can use to find out how the switch to DST affects them."

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