Inquirer Magazine Creates Unique Mystery Series

Posted on June 23, 1999

Six prominent mystery writers are contributing to a unique, six-part mystery series appearing in the Inquirer Magazine this summer, called Murder At the Republican Convention.'

``We hope our readers have as much fun with this as our staff and contributors had in putting it together,'' said Editor Tanya Barrientos. The series, the first of its kind for the Inquirer Magazine, begins Sunday, July 25, and concludes in the August 29 issue.

``The story was created in relay fashion,'' said Barrientos, ` `with each author inventing a new character, uncovering a clue, or complicating the plot conjured up by the previous author -- then passing the story on. The result is a deviously delightful collection of suspects and suspicions.''

The six authors involved -- Bill Kent, Quinn Eli, Gillian Roberts, James Bradberry, Denise Gess, and Lisa Scottoline have each attained prominence and acclaim as mystery writers who often involve Philadelphia as the setting for their work. It was Barrientos' task to oversee their contributions and make sure the narrative flow had consistency and a tidy resolve.

``The basic premise is this,'' she said. ``Delegates, protesters, and presidential hopefuls have flocked to Philly for the Republican National Convention in the year 2000. Amid the hype and hoopla, local lawyer and GOP fat-cat Gavin Norcrust drops dead at a banquet in his honor. The room is full of suspects: friends and lovers with long-held grudges, professional competitors with secrets to reveal, and political enemies with axes to grind."