Website Launches

Posted on March 30, 1999

Global Media has announced the launch of its online radio station at and associated independent artist magazine culture and community at delivers Global Media's online community. The site will provide continually updated multi-media content, chat services and a series of interactive features. Global Media's Vice-President Winston V. Barta said: "Management believes the online independent community represents a large, under-serviced community. Multiple revenue streams from CD, digital audio file, merchandise and advertising are planned." Global Media's President, Michael Metcalfe, added: "Many of the most successful sites on the Internet, including Geocities, provide an online community and services to a large market. With and, Global Media will be providing a community, culture and content center for an enormous market."

Aaron Stone, VP Development at Global Media said: "Our goal with was to provide a portal for a highly under-serviced market, the gen-X'ers. We've given them a starting point where we've gathered the entertainment content they're looking for. We've also given the indie community a voice on the Internet and a site which will be built around their contributions. Indieaudio is truly a site designed and built by members of its target market for the purpose of delivering what the market really wants."