IGN Launches Greenpixels.com

Posted on October 20, 2008

GreenPixels.com LogoMediaWeek reports that IGN has launched a new website called Greenpixels.com that targets casual gamers.
The site, which is currently live in beta form, is clearly aimed at the mainstream game player who is more inclined to spend time with Rock Band, the Nintendo Wii or online puzzle games like Peggle--which appeal to both men and women. As the site's editor in chief Dana Jongewaard, puts it in her introductory note on the site, "This is no longer just a past-time for adolescent(-acting) boys and basement-dwelling social outcasts."
The popularity of casual games that appeal to a wider range of users is likely to grow. IGN's gamepixels.com website has a blog layout and includes reviews, articles, game tips and hot lists.