IDG'S IT Informer Announces Alliance With Feed Magazine

Posted on August 23, 1999

IDG has announced an alliance between its IT Informer Internet publication and Feed Magazine, the New York-based online magazine. IDG's IT Informer will feature Feed content in both its email newsletter publication and upcoming website. The daily, free IT Informer newsletter features collections of commentary and analysis from industry luminaries like Bob Metcalfe, InfoWorld columnist and IDG vice president of technology; Frank Gens and John Gantz of IDC; and Jonathan Weber, James Fallows, and Amy Bernstein for The Industry Standard.

"Feed shares the IT Informer's cutting edge worldview," said IT Informer editor Jill Corral. "Hip and intelligent, Feed complements our mix of technology information and commentary with a social critic's examination of emerging technologies' effects. Consistently topical and provocative -- their video game violence and open-source software special issues were red hot the moment they left the gate -- Feed's unique content appeals to the IT Informer's thoughtful, science and culture-savvy audience."

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