IDG Books to Publish AOL Press

Posted on May 5, 1999

IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. has announced a joint publishing agreement for a new line of America Online-authorized books called "AOL Press." IDGB is a global knowledge company whose portfolio includes bestselling book brands and computer-based learning tools, including the acclaimed ...For Dummies series.

Current plans call for 6-8 titles to be published within the first calendar year. A long-term publishing strategy is being developed by the two companies which will include books available both online and in stores. There will also be titles available exclusively to AOL members.

"We are pleased to announce this new partnership which will offer consumers access to the best books on the market about the world's leading Internet service," said IDGB President Steven Berkowitz. "We are planning a full range of books to help novices through experts access the wealth of information, resources, shopping sites, email and other popular services and sites available on AOL."

Jan Brandt, President of AOL Marketing, added: "With more than 17 million current AOL members and our rapid membership growth, there is a huge opportunity to provide specialized publications to help our members get the most out of AOL. IDGB Books, who has built its reputation and success on making learning fun, easy and affordable, is a natural partner for our goal of making AOL an even more important part of our members' everyday lives."