HR Launched to Resolve Workplace Issues

Posted on May 14, 1999

With the launch of HR, business owners/managers, Human Resources professionals and consumers have an alternative to costly consultants and time-consuming research and seminars for their Human Resources needs. HR has been formed as an online service to resolve Human Resources issues encountered in the workplace.

Staffed by degreed professionals with a minimum of ten years Human Resources experience, HR will guide company and individual decisions through personalized, interactive information and advice. Specializing in the areas of Employee Relations, Business Planning and Strategy, Recruiting, Human Resources Policy, Compensation & Benefits, Training, Development and Performance systems, HR will provide answers within minutes of a request.

"The need for value-added service providers is an evolution of the Internet business model," according to Bob Hoffman, Principal and CEO of HR Fast, reliable, personalized Human Resources information is the core HR service. Regardless of whether the issues are as complex as creating a strategic business plan, or as targeted as the best way to handle an employee complaint, HR advice professionals will be there to offer real time customized guidance. "We should leverage the available technology and give people the information they need to achieve success on the job," added Hoffman.

In addition to fee-for-service problem resolution and strategic solutions, HR Advice will offer professionals and managers daily tips, Human Resources news, and information. Students, researchers, and HR practitioners will have a special area of the site to display and catalogue independent research efforts and best practice information.