Hotel Interactive Launches High-Tech Hospitality Website

Posted on June 8, 1999

Hotel Interactive has announced the launch of its website for the hotel industry providing news, information, business services and e-commerce. Hotel Interactive plans to provide a forum for global access to information, services, and links - while giving readers the insight to make the most of their use of the Internet.

Led by a team of experienced editors and writers, Hotel Interactive plans to soon present daily updates on hotel-related news, while also providing weekly in-depth stories and features on the dynamic hospitality industry. Its content includes: Links: Hotel Interactive provides a comprehensive listing of links for hotel industry-related sites. Comment Card: Question and answer interviews with hotel GMs and executives about their experiences in the hotel industry. Web Review: A column that takes a look at the finer points of hotel Websites, from their functionality to their aesthetic elements. Marketing Insight: The latest approaches to promotions, ad campaigns and other marketing techniques used in the hotel industry. Ask The Experts: Feature utilizes industry experts to find answers among the maze of federal regulations, learn ways to deal with difficult guests or discover how to eliminate smoke odors in a room, to name just a few topics.

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