Hearst Magazines and Harpo Entertainment Group Announce Magazine Venture

Posted on July 9, 1999

Hearst Magazines and Harpo Entertainment Group, headed by Oprah Winfrey, have announced the introduction of a new magazine. The magazine will debut in March/April 2000 with 850,000 copies.

Winfrey's extraordinary ability to connect with women and relate to their own lives is at the heart of the new magazine. Each month, its mission will be to translate Winfrey's message to the magazine page. The magazine will include coverage on advice, spirituality, community, family, relationships, friends, work, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, and books. Hearst will be responsible for both editorial and publishing oversight of the magazine, as well as distribution.

"I love the printed word and have always appreciated the unique connection between author and reader," said Oprah Winfrey. "This magazine provides a different way for people to be informed and inspired."

Good Housekeeping Editor-in-Chief Ellen Levine, who is working closely with Black and Winfrey on the magazine's concept and design, commented: "There is a reason Oprah has been so p opular around the world for over 13 years: She inspires women and they embrace the message she sends of internal well being. A magazine which delivers that message every month in a tangible format will reinforce it and give viewers more of what they have come to expect from Oprah."

The magazine will have a cooperative relationship with the Oprah.com website, which joins Oxygen Media's network of online sites on August 1, 1999. The website will be used for cross-promotion of subscriptions to the magazine; the magazine will also promote the website. Oprah's website generated approximately 6 million page views in May.