HealthGate Announces Web Launch of Healthy Athelete

Posted on February 15, 1999

Healthy Athlete, the latest consumer-health magazine in HealthGate Data's Corp.'s Healthy Living Series, is now available only on the World Wide Web. According to Bill Reece, CEO and Chairman of HealthGate, "Healthy Athlete fills a gap for Web users seeking the latest information in sports medicine, exercise, and recreation."

"Our Healthy Living series of Webzines has long promoted exercise as an integral component of good health and wellness," said Reece. "Healthy Athlete takes this to the next level by devoting an entire magazine to covering this important and ever-growing field. Those men and women who participate in or want to begin a regular regimen of exercise, be it joining a health club, participating in recreational team sports, or just watching a diet to get into better shape, will benefit from reading Healthy Athlete."

Healthy Athlete offers coverage on topics such as sports injuries and sports medicine, recreational activities, trends, various types of exercise such as cardiovascular, strength-training, flexibility, conditioning, performance enhancing medications, supplements, equipment, and apparel. Regular features include `Injury Rap,' a column on injuries and why they occur in certain types of athletes, and `At Home,' which looks at the benefits and drawbacks of home exercise equipment. Lastly, Healthy Athlete will offer interviews with athletes, such as Joe Frazier, who suffered from high blood pressure during his career, who prove that, with proper medical treatment and care, you can succeed.

Healthy Athlete is the eighth in the series of consumer-focused Healthy Living Webzines. Located at HealthGate's consumer-oriented website, each Webzine offers an in-depth look at various aspects of health and wellness including women's health, men's health, parenting and family issues, mental and behavioral health, nutrition, sexuality, and travel medicine. Future Webzines will cover such diverse topics as alternative and complimentary medicine, pharmaceuticals and over the counter products, and senior health issues.