Guiliani's Daughter Supports Obama

Posted on August 6, 2007

Screencap of Caroline Guiliani's Facebook page

Well, that's embarassing. We knew that Rudy Guiliani's two kids are estranged from him since he dumped their mother for his mistress (and now third wife), but this is just humiliating for the candidate. According to her Facebook page, Rudy's daughter Caroline supports Barack Obama for president, not her own father. She lists her political affiliation as liberal and -- up until reporters started hounding her this morning -- was a member of the Barack Obama support group "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)." After Slate broke the story and reporters started calling and emailing her, Caroline removed the mention of the Obama support group, but still lists herself as a liberal.

Rudy has not attended any of Caroline's high school events, although he did show up at her graduation. But he didn't even speak to his daughter nor did he participate in the graduation festivities with his ex-family. Guiliani's son, Andrew, who is a junior at Duke, has not been shy in telling reporters how unhappy he is with his father's behavior towards his mother and his family. Andrew has also discussed how he objects to his father's marriage to Judith Nathan.

You remember Judith, right? The week before 9/11, the cover of People magazine screamed "The Mayor, His Wife and His Mistress." The story went on to detail how Rudy moved his mistress into Gracie Mansion, humiliating his wife and children. Rudy can yell "9/11 Changed Everything!" all he wants on TV, but Rudy's kids don't seem impressed. By contrast, Chelsea Clinton is always by her mother's side and is a passionate, poised and polished speaker on her mother's behalf.

It does not look good to voters when your own family doesn't think you're qualified to be president. You just know John McCain thinks the whole thing is hilarious.