Grand Canyon Exploration Website Launches

Posted on April 7, 1999

It was a daring mission to explore the last uncharted territory in the United States; the Grand Canyon. Filled with unsurpassed beauty and harrowing danger, the expedition was led by one-armed Civil War hero John Wesley Powell. Ten men in four boats left Green River, Wyoming, on May 24, 1869. Ninety-nine days later, six of them emerged from the Grand Canyon, half-starved, battered and exhausted. They had survived one of the most challenging journeys in American history. Powell's inspiring account of his experiences on this trip turned him into a national hero.

At the "Lost in the Grand Canyon" website, visitors can "virtually" join Powell and his crew on their courageous expedition. The website accompanies the broadcast of The American Experience's one-hour documentary that aired on Monday, April 5 at 9pm on PBS.

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