Google to Pay Associated Press for Content

Posted on August 9, 2006

Google has long been aggregating news stories from the Associated Press and other news outlets in its news database at Google News. Now it appears that Google will start paying the AP for news.
In a move the builds another link in the bridge between new and traditional media, Google and the Associated Press have entered into a content agreement for stories and photographs.

"The license in this agreement provides for new uses of original AP content for features and products we will introduce in the future," said Google spokesperson Sonya Boralv.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

AP had reportedly been uncomfortable with Google's practice of aggregating and displaying the news wire's content on its Web site with no payment to AP. Now, Google appears to be willing to pay for the content as part of a new product planned for Google News.
The article says the AP also charges other services like Yahoo and Microsoft for the use of their news stories in news databases. The article also notes that Google still faces a lawsuit from Agence-France Press (AFP).