Good Jobs Still Hard to Find in Jobless Recovery

Posted on August 25, 2005

Many people are still struggling to find good high-paying jobs several years after the 2001 recession. An article in the Chicago Tribune illustrates the problem by telling the job woes of a few individuals.

They include William Spolec who took a $7.50 hour job at Starbucks after being a bank vice president. Spolec took the job because his health insurance was running out. Spolec says Starbucks has good benefits.

The article says the economy started adding jobs again in 2003 and while some people laid-off in 2001 have found jobs many of them are lower paying and unrelated to their previous careers. The Tribune says a lot of these people are working "survival jobs" until they can return to their original fields.

Unfortunately, the jobless recovery seems to be continuing so people may have to hold on to these "survival" jobs a while longer. The high gas prices are certainly not helping consumers or the economy either.

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